Link to an account from another company


I would like to know if it is possible to link two accounts from two different companies.

For example, we have a client who has two companies named A and B.
It occurs that an invoice (100€) was send to company A but company B pays the invoice.
At the end of the year (31/12/2019), in company A we have an account starting with the numbers 484XXX 100€.
In company B we have the same value but booked on the account 416XXX.

Is it possible to make a template with a link between these accounts (in this case 416XXX en 484XXX)?
Is it possible to make it check if the amounts of both accounts are the same?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Henri-Louis

Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to refer in a template of company A to an account value of company B.

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Hi @simon_vds

Thank you for the response.

Do you know if it will be possible in the future?

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Hi @Henri-Louis

Good question!
We’ve had similar requests before. However, I checked with our product managers and this is currently not in any planning. They’re looking into it, but this functionality will not be available in the near future.

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