List "Through selected accounts" in disallowed expenses

Hi Team,

Is it possible to extract the disallowed expenses description & values which is selected through accounts (Highlighted in yellow in the snip below)? + Non-deductible taxes & Regional taxes, levies and charges separately?

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if something is not clear or need more info on the same.

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Hi @Nikhil ,

Unfortunately the template does not generate a result that contains this information. We could investigate whether it would be useful to add. Can you elaborate a bit more on the use case?

Alternatively, you could also access the selected accounts directly in the database in a code that looks like this (e.g. for non-deductible taxes):

{% assign selected_accounts = period.accounts | range:period.reconciliations.2018_disallowed_expenses.custom.accounts.accounts_non_deduct_taxes %}

{% for account in selected_accounts %}
  {{ account.number }} {{ }}
{% endfor %}

Keep in mind that the alternative solution does not take into account default values as these are not stored in the database (also not values added through configuration on firm level). You could also make a workaround for that by hard coding any defaults wherever you want to access this information, but not sure if that’s the ideal solution.

Let us know what you think!


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