Cross-check P&L with disallowed expenses

Dear all,

Recently I was trying to create a new template to check which P&L-accounts were included in the disallowed expenses in the Corporate Tax module. In the disallowed expenses (DE’s or VU’s in Dutch) you can see which accounts have been included, but not the accounts that have not been included, therefor this template.

In terms of lay-out, I would like to see for each account if it is included in the general DE’s, in the car-related DE’s and ideally if the account has been included somewhere else in the corporate tax declaration (i.e. “verhoging BT reserves”, …). The last one is just a nice-to-have, the first two are pretty essential to me.

Looping and displaying all of the accounts in use did work out but I have difficulties with requesting the accounts included in the disallowed. I already found another topic on this matter (List "Through selected accounts" in disallowed expenses) where following variable was created to loop through:
{% assign selected_accounts = period.accounts | range:period.reconciliations.2018_disallowed_expenses.custom.accounts.accounts_non_deduct_taxes %}

This one shows only the DE’s concerning non-deductible taxes (“accounts_non_deduct_taxes”) and I am not able to find the identifiers for the other DE’s. If possible, I would like to have more documentation on this matter.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Tom

If you open up the debug panel, under the “TextProperties” section, you can find the namespace and keys of all the inputs which have manual values entered (which in this case also include the manually selected accounts in the account collections):

An alternative way of finding names from custom inputs without seeing the source code can also be to use “Inspect element” in the browser and the data-name attribute on the element equals the namespace.key:

However, I would like to note that accessing the custom directly period.reconciliations.2018_disallowed_expenses.custom.accounts.accounts_non_deduct_taxes will not track if there are default accounts selected, so keep this in mind in case you use configuration for this template.

Hope this helps you further!

Kind regards