Locked Clients do not pull the latest code changes

There are needs for us to generate client segment reports to reflect on their archive status. In that report, we want to also show the engagement leader, which is pulled from the archive template. Since data are only available for the client segment reports in form of result tags, we have updated the archive template to put the engagement leader in result tag as well.

The issue with this approach is that the codes are not being picked up by the locked clients (which are locked because the deployment of breaking changes at the beginning of september), causing the engagement leader to be empty in the client segment report.

We want to know how we can show the engagement leader in the client segment reports.

Thank you.

Hi @derekchen ,

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Unfortunately it is expected behavior that template updates are not pushed to locked periods (that is in fact the purpose of locking a period). There is not really a Liquid workaround for this, except unlocking the period and updating the specific template on company level.

As I understand these locked periods are the result of some changes in September, I’d suggest to reach out directly to our support to understand the specific use case and to look into alternative solutions.

Thank you!

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