New rollforward does not work, due to locked previous year?


We have made changes to a module where we want to rollforward values from our outgoing table to our ingoing table. But for some clients it does not seem to work, they all have the previous period locked. Is that why?
If it is, do we have to unlock the period for it to work (which is scary as things might change in other moudles, as we have made several changes to several modules)?

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Hi Anna,

Just to clarify, are you trying to rollforward values from Template A Period X to Template B Period Y?


Hi, sorry for the late reply. We want to rollforward values from Template A period x to Template A period y.
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Hi @ahaegglund ,

If you have added rollforward code in template A after the period X was locked, you will indeed have to unlock that period to update the specific template in order for the rollforward to work as expected.

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