Blocking rollforward for templates

I know that I can make sure that a value in a template is never rollforwarded by using the nill value, but what if I want to make sure my original data is never overwritten when a rollforward is done?

My case is as follows:
An employee starts filling out template A but realizes they have to rollforward template B to get the correct information to the current period. Now I want to make sure that if they make a mistake and rollforward template B as well as template A no data is lost in template A. Can I block the rollforward alltogether once certain requirements have been met?

Is there a way to do so?

Hi @ronald_groot_RSF ,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have been playing with some code but was wondering if you could please supply me with a code snippet / examples of the conditions of when the rollforward should take place or should be blocked?

Many thanks


Hi Tom,

I guess that would have to work like this:

{% input custom.cash_poss.value as:select options:yes_no option_values:yes_no_values %}
{% if custom.cash_poss.value != blank %}
  Do not rollforward
{% else %}
  {% rollforward nil custom.cash_poss.value %}
{% endif %} 

Thanks for the help!

Hi @ronald_groot_RSF ,

I have tried multiple scenarios and am afraid this is not achievable by using rollforward.

The rollforward tag was created to bring over, all specified information from a chosen period and will ignore conditional logic.

That being said, I have contacted our core engineer team about your case to see if there is a workaround or if this is functionality we can add in the future.

As soon as I get a response I will come back to you.

All the best