Using rollforward over different templates

Hi all,

I want to use rollforward to push information from our Monthly Closing template to a template in our Annual reporting program. For example:
In the monthly template we have certain values on a company level:

{% input company.custom.the_enterprise.structure placeholder:fill_in as:text %}

This info is subject to change in our monthly program and can mustbe changed historically, which is why we use a company value instead of a rollforward here.

However, when we come to the Annual review we want to make a snapshop of this info, so we can no longer use the company field, bust want to use a rollforward. How should I fix this within the liquid code?

Hi Ronald,

You can do the following:

  • Let’s say your variable in Template A (Origin template) it’s called custom.some.variable

  • Then you go to Template B (Target template) and write the following code:

{% rollforward period.reconciliations.template_a_handle.custom.some.variable custom.current.value %}

{% input custom.current.value %}

You just have to copy details in Template B from the desired period and then the value should populate in the input custom.current.value

I hope that’s clear.