New in Community? New to coding templates? Read this first

First of all, let me welcome you to our Silverfin Community! If you’ve find your way to this section of the Community, chances are you’re eager to begin making your own templates.

Before you begin diving into all topics, I’d like to break down some ground rules, that everyone should follow. That way, all users benefits from this.

Communication in English

All topics and posts should be done in English.

We are very aware that certain terminology in the accounting world is not easy to translate perhaps, but other users should benefit from your questions as well, hence this is an open community.
If you have difficulties explaining some specific terminology, try your best and we’ll do the same understanding your questions.

Check the relevant documentation

Before making topics regarding your question, be sure to check whether the documentation doesn’t already provide an answer to your question.

This is a topic that lists all documentation we have (including the slides we use for our Technical Workshops):

You can search the Community as well for certain keywords, and there’s a whole section of “cases”, meant to explain code in a rather practical manner:

If you are completely new to coding, with no background of it whatsoever, then it might be a good idea to follow our free workshops we give each quarter. You can sign up here for this.
These workshops are meant for anyone who wants to start building templates; you start from zero, so no background coding even needed! Only some interest and time is all we ask.

Keep topics related to one-related question

If you create a topic, please be mindful that the topic lists only the related question. If this is done right, other users can search for the solution more easily. If a topic has 3-4 extra questions, it becomes more complicated.

If you have another question not really related to the original posted topic, please make a new topic, with a clear title as well.

Open community

We’ll do our best to guide you towards the desired result, step-by-step. This community has been made with the goal of providing a learning community for everyone who wants to build templates on their own, so knowledge has to be shared, as well intentions to learn is required.

Share your code

In order to help you, we’ll need to investigate your code. So please post your code, or what you think is the relevant part of your code.

How to post your code, is done this way:

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like in the editor:

It gives a more proper view to the topics, and is easier to copy as well. Unfortunately some people forget this too often.

A pretty long topic from our part, but if everyone follows these rules, the Community will be a nice place to visit for everyone interested in building own templates!

We wish you all the best with this, and good luck! :+1:

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