Period.minus_1y.accounts range

Dear All,

I have the follow issue:
in period X: I select some accounts in period.accounts and display them as placeholder_default
in period X+1: I want to reproduce the selected accounts in period X.

This is my code, can someone help me because it does not work:

{% assign accounts_b1 = period.accounts | range:custom.accounts.b1 %}
{% assign accounts_g1 = period.minus_1y.accounts_b1 | range:period.minus_1y.reconciliations.placeholder.custom.accounts.b1 %}

|            | {% t "Codes" %} |{% t "At the beginning of the taxable period" %} | {% t "At the end of the taxable period" %} | 
{% stripnewlines %}
|{% t "Taxable reserves in capital and taxable share premiums (+)/(-)" %} {% input custom.accounts.b1 as:account_collection range:1 %}
|{{ 1001 PN }} 
|{% $0+input b1 as:currency placeholder_default:-1*accounts_g1.value %} 
|{% $1+input c1 as:currency placeholder_default:-1*accounts_b1.value %} 
{% endstripnewlines %}

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Could you please try renaming input b1 and input c1 in the following lines of your code:
|{% $0+input b1 as:currency placeholder_default:-1accounts_g1.value %}
|{% $1+input c1 as:currency placeholder_default:-1
accounts_b1.value %}

It should be something like this:
input custom.accounts.b1

Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue.

You can find more information about inputs by clicking the link below:

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