Report code 163 (jaarrekening)


I want a report with all the companies where code 163 is >0.
This is the code i’m using:


I do get a list, but apparently not with the correct info. For company Christiaens, code 163 has been filled in, but the amount in the report is blank

Hey @sylvia.debaeremaeker,

Are you sure the amount is taken correctly in the result tag, needed for your Insights query?

For example, like this:

{% input custom.some.value as:currency %}

{% comment %}take value into var with default 0, for Insights query{% endcomment %}
{% assign my_var = custom.some.value | default:0 %}
{% result 'total' my_var %} 

The reason is add the default:0 is to make sure your query is searching for the correct value (as blank might be interpreted the same as being zero?).

Maybe you can share the actual code of that value code 163 and how it is made, and how it is taken into a result tag?

Hi Sven

We don’t have acces to the code. It’s the template “Balans na winsterdeling (Passiva)” - Code 163 “Milieuverplichtingen”

And how exactly do you link to it?

Because all you need to do, is link to the account range (= formula for Insights) #163, like this:
Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 14.01.59

Is this the same case as with yours?

Hi Sven

I was using Insights - Toelichting data

Ah, I see… But that’s a result tag probably not linked to that specific code (but I see the confusion).

You know, if you really want to call upon result tags from a paid package (like the Annual Accounts), you can always use the debugmode, as explained here:

This will give you all result tags with their outcome. But I’m guessing that what you needed is the result tag called vol_163, no?

However, in case of the Annual Accounts: these codes are mostly linked to ranges anyway, so you can rebuilt it as a formula also.

Hope this helps you forward @sylvia.debaeremaeker