Size of an input field on click


I have some input fields on an account template and when I click on them, all of a sudden they take all the width space.

Is there something I need to do to prevent this? I don’t encounter this problem when creating input fields on reconciliations.

Can someone explain me why this is happening?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Brice!

You cannot define the size of an input field. But have you tried placing it inside a table, that way you could establish the width of each column. For example:

{% stripnewlines %}
{% newline %}
| {% input custom.some.field %}
{% endstripnewlines %}

If you were already using a table, then the problem could be that other columns are empty. And in that case empty column won’t be created.
To prevent that you can see in my example I added this non-breaking space chracter ( ), so the column is no longer empty and it’s created (but you won’t see anything in it since it’s only a white space added).

I hope this helps. If not, let us know!

Kind regards.


This is working, but my input field is not vertically aligned with the text right before, like it is without a table.

Capture d’écran 2021-05-01 à 12.24.32

Any fix for that?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Brice

I have raised this issue with our design team as this is not something that can be fixed in liquid at the moment. We will update you when we have an answer.