Paragraph space missing when copying from another reconciliation


I’m trying to surface data from an input field on a template to another template as information.

In Template 1 (handle: taxchecklist), I have entered the following text/code:

**Tax points for review**
{% input custom.key_points.taxreview as:text placeholder:""%}
{% result 'taxreview' custom.key_points.taxreview %}

In Template 2, I am then returning this via the following code:

**Items Raised During Tax Review**
{{ period.reconciliations.taxchecklist.results.taxreview }}

However, as you can see the paragraph space is then missing:

How can I preserve this paragraph space between templates? I’ve attempted {{ period.reconciliations.taxchecklist.results.taxreview | as:text }} but unfortunately this did not work. I also couldn’t see any suggested string filters from the developer documentation.

Are you able to advise?

Many thanks

Hi @jhanley ,

Apologies for the late reply, we had some pubic Holidays last week.

Thank you for your very clear question and example code. We have looked into it and to be honest we are a little bit confused as we have tried the exact same thing in our test environment and there we don’t experience any issues. All whitespaces are coming through in the result as expected.

Could you perhaps reach out to our support ( so you can share the direct links to your examples and we can have a closer look to see what is going on.

Make sure you reference this Community chat as well when you create a support ticket.


Kind regards,

Hi @robindeclercq

Thanks for your suggestion.

I’ve reached out to the support team who were able to provide a prompt resolution. Adding the string filter newline_to_br was the solution I was looking for!

My final code was therefore:

**Items Raised During Tax Review**
{{ period.reconciliations.taxchecklist.results.taxreview | newline_to_br }}

Kind regards