Synchronisation with admin consult - person.custom drop


We are using the sync with Admin Consult. For our shareholders we used to be able to use the person.custom drop to portray the end_mandate and begin_mandate.

{% newline %}
|{% t “Date d’achat des actions” %}
|{{ person.custom.begin_mandate | date:“%d/%m/%Y” }}
|{% t “Date de vente des actions” %}
|{{ person.custom.end_mandate | date:“%d/%m/%Y” }}

Now only begin_mandate can be used, end_mandate is no longer synced from Admin Consult to Silverfin.

Has the field been moved, can we access it in another way?

Thank you,

Hi @LauraCallewier,

those are indeed the correct fields you mentioned.
Would you be able to reach out to with the link to a specific file where you experience this issue?
That way we can look into why the end date is no longer syncing for you.

Kind regards,