Synchronisation with admin consult


We are using the synchronisation with Admin Consult to get all of the directors and shareholders in our files in Silverfin. We have created some custom templates that make use of the people drop, and we have noticed that not all shareholders get synchronised into Silverfin when we enter the start or end date of a mandate in Admin. Could you please tell us how we would be able to get all people registered in Admin Consult synchronised into Silverfin?

Or phrased differently, we would like to get all people in Silverfin, also the ones who have no active mandate on this day or have no active mandate in the current period, is this possible?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @LauraCallewier

Whether shareholders/directors have an active mandate or not, if you loop over period.people you will be able to access all the people that are synced with Admin Consult.

It is true that Silverfin’s templates will have some additional logic built in to only show the active ones though. If this code is your starting point, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

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