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I would like to refer to the Silverfin documentation in the following link : . In the last paragraph it is mentioned that you get a notification when your data is not up to date in the document ‘Bedrijfsparameters’. My question is if you will get this notification as well when using custom documents or reconciliations? And what are the triggers to get this notification? Do you see this notification only in text documents or in reconciliations as well?

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Hi @LauraCallewier ,

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So I understand your confusion based on the help article, but the yellow notification is not linked to a specific template or document, it is in fact linked to the actual data that is used in the template or document.

In other words, if you use for instance the people drop in your custom template that contains synced data, also in your custom template or text document you will see a yellow notification in case the user overwrites or deletes data.

Hope this is sufficiently clear!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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