Detail of information that is synced with Silverfin


This is the situation:
We use for bookkeeping the program Expert/M Plus from Wolters Kluwer.
This program is linked with Silverfin.

I would like to know what kind of information is synced between Expert/M en Silverfin.
Where can I access this information?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Henri-Louis,

Please find an overview of the information that is synced between Expert/M and Silverfin here:

external_id: external_id,
period_start_date: line['period_start_date'],
period_end_date: line['period_end_date'].strftime("%d/%m/%Y"),
original_name_nl: line["account_name"],
original_name_fr: line["account_name_2"],
original_name_en: line["account_name_3"],
original_name_de: line["account_name_4"],
value: value,
relation: line['klant_alfa'].present? ? line['klant_alfa'] : line['lev_alfa'],
{{booking_date}}' => line['booking_date'].strftime("%d/%m/%Y"),
'Ver. datum' => line['line_date'].try(:strftime, "%d/%m/%Y"),
'Doc. Soort' => DOCSOORT.fetch(line['extra_docsoort'], {})[@language] || DOCSOORT.fetch(line['extra_docsoort'], {})["nl"],
'Doc. Nr.' => line['extra_docnr'],
'Dagb. Alfa' => line['extra_dagb_alfa'],
'Ref.' => line['extra_ref'],
'{{booking_period}}' => line['booking_period'],
'{{document_reference}}' => line['document_reference'],
'{{analytical_dimension_0}}' => (line['analytical_dimension_0'] if @analytical),
'{{analytical_dimension_1}}' => (line['analytical_dimension_1'] if @analytical) 

Hope this is what you are looking for? Note that this information is not publicly available. Should you have other questions about this, maybe it’s better to reach out via our support colleagues at

Kind regards,