Table columns in HTML are changing width despite column width being set


I am building a table in HTML. And you can see how the table looks below. With all of the column headers being equal width.

However, in the exports, the columns are readjusting their width. They seem to be auto-fitting whatever wording is in the column.

This is despite me setting the column widths in the code (as seen below). The colspan=“2” syntax is to combine columns so the header is properly centered. When I don’t include this syntax it works. However this isn’t ideal for reasons that we have around centering.

Any help would be much appreciated. Those with access to our environment, the link to the code can be found here: Silverfin


Hi @pgallagher,

I think the issue might have to do with the columns that are set to 1% width since this is a size too small to even fit a blank character (e.g.   ). The solution is to try and change those to 2%.

I have created a copy of your template with this fix in the same client and named it [CL - FF - TEST], and it looks like the column widths in the export are equal (please double-check):

Feel free to copy that code to your template and delete the Test version if that works for you.

Another alternative would be to play around with the font size of the style you are using to export the template.

Hope that helped.