Template overeenstemming bezoldiging bedrijfsleiders

Is their a possibilty to split up the template if you have 2 of more ‘zaakvoerders’.

It would be more clear if you had an overview per zaakvoerder.

Example : Gegevens loonattest/fiche 281.20 ‘naam zaakvoerder 1’

Now you have to put everything in one block and I find this not so easy if you want to check your fiche 281.20 with the reconcilliation. If you have just 1 zaakvoerder, their isn’t a problem.

Thx in advance for your answer !

Hi @Andrew,

Can you give the code on which you are trying to do this?

This will be possible by creating a fori-loop, I guess… Would love to help you with it, or maybe you are trying our standard template?

Hi @sven

I didn’t try a code yet.

Just asking if you could maybe adjust the code of the standard template overeenstemming bezoldiging bedrifjsleiders.


Could you already have a look at my last question ?

This one is a bit harder (or simply more work) @Andrew, but the thing to have this output, is to put the whole code between a fori-loop. I’ve made a case that explains a fori-loop, but I think you already have a handle for that.

The thing you need to do though, is change every input variable with the variable that is part of the fori-loop.

you could use the name of the ‘bedrijfsleider’ for instance, that will create another iteration of the loop.

I’d be happy to walk you through it the coming days. But wanted to give you this info already (you could use our template “Erelonen” for instance, which is basically the same principle).

But like I said, i’d be happy to give you the right directions the coming days.