Template vaste activa


With regards to the template vaste activa. I need to put in all details each time i change from period.
We want to do a roll forward to the next period.
For example we put in all investments in Q1/2017 so the end balance on 31/3/17 needs to become the start balance of period Q2/2017.
I also need to chance my date in my categories f.ex. 22100 i need to change the date to 31/3/2017 because otherwise he will take the date 1/4/17 as start date in period Q2/2017

thanks for your help

kind regards

Hello @Dons,

If I understand you correctly, then I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you for now.

You want to be able that the template calculates all values (Cost of acquisition, depreciations, book value) automatically? Like, you give in the date of invoice, % depreciation, and the amount and all values are then automatically calculated for each working period?

Because that is not possible for now. We are aware of this, but could be that this should be looked at outside of Liquid-code (I think Liquid has its limits here).

Or do you mean something else ?