TIP: auto-check and short-cut SAVE

We’ve got something great to share today (but you probably already have noticed):

  • automated check :beetle:

As soon as you stop coding, we’ll give it 3 seconds before we automatically start checking the coding you have done.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 14.22.34

Keep in mind that this check also can be activated by clicking the infamous :beetle: or using the shortcut:

cmd+enter on MacOS
ctrl+enter on Win/Linux

  • shortcut for saving :computer_mouse:

Another great thing that was added lately, is to save your template not by using the mouse, but by using a most-wanted shortcut:

cmd+shift+enter on MacOS
ctrl+alt+enter on Win/Linux

We hope this brings much joy to all your tech-accountants out there! :muscle:

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