Unable undo checkbox

Is there a possibility to unable undoing/unchecking a checkbox or a number of checkboxes?
For example, one of our co-workers has to fill in a checklist.
After he’s ready, the partner/reviewer has to review this checklist and will mark a checkbox called “Review on”. On this moment, the co-worker just can undo the partner/reviewer his check or other, already reviewed, checks afterwards.

Is it possible that after the partner/reviewer has clicked on his checkbox, he is the only person that can make changes afterwards?

Hi Tom,

you could build in some logic, that if a checkbox has been checked, the value of the checkbox is assigned to true. This prevents the checkbox to be unchecked afterwards.

Also, this topic can be handy to show some additional information about when and who did the review :

I hope this answered your question, if not, you can paste your code here, so we can take a further look at it.

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Ok thanks for your reply.
I tried it and that works now.
Only thing that I have to solve is that only the reviewer can uncheck his checkbox and not an other user. Is that possible?

Hi Tom,

you can use the following code to restrict options to specific users :

{% if user.email =="XXXXXX@XXXXXXX" %}{% input custom.some.thing as:boolean%} {% else %} {% endif %}

I hope this one helps you out.

Kind regards

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Hi Sofie,

Thanks a lot, that was very helpful!

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