Possibility of not submitting annual accounts


A few months ago we created our own template ‘WCO Checklist’.
Now a few users are asking if it’s possible to not allow the submission of the annual accounts (the download of the xbrl file) when a checkbox (custom.checkbox.review) in this template is not checked.
This checkbox must be checked when the WCO Checklist was completely reviewed by the person responsible for this. This because of safety regulations imposed by the institute for accountants & tax consultants.

Is that possible to do this?

Kind regards,

Hey @cedric.devos,

So what you’re actually looking for, is to restrict the options shown in this section right?

currently not possible but have heard it before, and it is listed as a feature request.

PS sort of a workaround, but you could add an additional check that forces an Annual Account template into being unreconciled.
This will cause the workflow becoming different from 100%, and as most users will known, you cannot download a XBRL file if your workflow isn’t finished yet.

A similar case was described here:

Perhaps too big of a workaround, but hope it helps you though (you’ll need to do some tweaking to teh code obviously, and link it to the check of the WCO template)