CASE: BE Annual Accounts shareholders & extra check

This case is related to the BE Annual Accounts, but can be used pretty much anywhere for any template that comes from the Silverfin marketplace (where you cannot alter the coding of those template, but you can add extra configuration to those templates as explained here eg).

The shareholders in the BE Annual Accounts are automatically fed from the text template Company Information; this could lead into the reconciliation being reconciled automatically.

But what if you don’t what that? You want the prepared of the BE AA to check it anyway, to see if it is really needed to export this data? The data could also be incomplete perhaps?

Through the extra configuration box on firm level, you could add something like this:

{% comment %}by this extra configuration, we will make each shareholders template to be unreconciled, so users need to check it every time{% endcomment %}
{% assign check_p = "31/12/2019" | date:"%Y-%m-%d" %}
{% assign date_p = period.end_date | date:"%Y-%m-%d" %}
{% capture some_indent %}            {% endcapture %}
{% comment %}only when the current period is AFTER 31/12/2019, will we show the extra check{% endcomment %}
{% assign show_check = false %}
{% if date_p > check_p %}
  {% assign show_check = true %}
{% endif %}

{% comment %}show extra table with check, name and date whomever checked it{% endcomment %}
{% if show_check %}

{% ic %}

{% stripnewlines %}
| {% t "Please check if all below details do need to be exported to XBRL. If not, please unstar the reconciliation." %}
{% newline %}
{% newline %}
{% newline %}
{% newline %}
| {% input custom.be_aa.extra_check as:boolean required:true %}
| {% t "Prepared by:" %} 
  {{ some_indent }} **{{ }}**
| {% t "Prepared on:" %} 
  {{ some_indent }} **{{ custom.be_aa.extra_check.updated_at | date:"%A, %B %e, %Y %r" }}**
{% endstripnewlines %}

{% endic %}


{% endif %}

which makes the reconciliation automatically unreconciled:

and the user needs to check it, in order having the reconciliation be completed (or unstar it if it cannot be exported to XBRL):

Just make sure the required input isn’t shown in any detail of a reconciliation of finished periods. That’s why we do a check saying the period needs to be AFTER 31/12/2019 for example.

Tweak it as you wish :muscle: