Use of a tag from one report in another report


Is it possible to use a tag from one report in another report?

I try the following but it doesn’t work: reports.bedrijf_rr.results.zelffinanciering (where bedrijf_RR de handle is from my report and zelffinanciering de tag from my report.

Can you help me?



Hello @svalais ,

it is not possible to use a result tag from one report to another report.

There is a workaround, where you take a result from Report A and show it in a reconciliation template Then, let the result from the reconciliation template appear in Report B.

You can find a case using the reference values across templates by using result tags also on the community: CASE reference values across templates by using result tags

I hope this workaround answers your question,

Kind regards


We did so but we see now that there some problem with the update of the figures when we make a change in the report where we calculate the amount, the amount is not always change automatically in the other report.

Can you make it possible to user a result tag from one report to another report in the near future?



Hi @svalais,

What kind of delay are we talking about? When you click on the working period (which guides you to the working papers), in the background all result tags will be loaded first of each template that has them.
Could it be that the delay happens there, when going straight from the start screen of the client file to the report (instead of going to the working papers first)?

Either way, we should investigate the delay further (you can mention the use case through our chat-system and say this is for the template develop team to investigate further - we should try to simulate this so please describe the needed steps to have this. Thanks for the effort though @svalais).

A screen recording is also okay of course.

PS linking one result tag from one report to another report is deliberatly not possible, due to performance reasons (opening a report would take much longer then, as it would need to load in the background other reports as well, which are also linked to all accounts from the working papers and other result tags perhaps from templates).

Hi @sven,

If you go to the file Woodstoxx in our DEV environment for the year 2019 in report 55 I made a change in the report to change the amount of line Selffinancing from -51.230 to -69.010.

In the report 59. Ml_Financieringstabel (automatisch zelffinanciering) you will see that the amount for first line Selffinaning is -51.230 and is not changed to -69.010.

You can see the result in the print screen in attachment.




I was able to simulate this in my own environment! Thanks for the effort of describing this; seems we have to fix something in the background.

I’ll keep you posted.