Result-tag in text-template


Can you tell me how you get a result of a category u use in a report, to be shown in a text-template ?

I guess it has something to do with the handle an tag you give in that report, but does their has to be a reference like period.reconciliation.(handle-name).results.(tag) ?

Thx in advance for the answer !

Hey @Andrew,

It’s something like this:

{{ period.reports.balans_detail.results.vaste_activa }} 

where balans_detail is indeed the handle of the report :

You can give a handle to a report on office level.

You use reports instead of reconciliations as well; all the rest stays the same.

Hope this is clear; if not, don’t hesitate to ask

I tried this … but in my text-template 0,00 € is shown.

{{ period.reports.RR_CPJ.results.nettowinst | currency }} €

I gave RR_CPJ as handle to the report. Nettowinst is the tag off amount I want in the text-template.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong ?

Thx !

Are you sure the report exists in the period, and has a YTD-number to show?

You can test if the report exists by following code (always safe to do this):

{% if period.reports.RR_CPJ != blank %}
{{ period.reports.RR_CPJ.results.nettowinst }}
{% else %}
Report doesn't exist
{% endif %} 

Can you try this? If it still doesn’t work, I suggest you contact our chat so I can dive into your file.

Report doesn’t exist. I’ll contact you to have closer look :wink:

But the report has to exist @Andrew, otherwise there’s no result-tag. That is why you don’t see it.

It does…

@Andrew perhaps I wasn’t clear; my apologies for that. The report has to exist in the file as well. So you have to add it in a file ( = dossier) and then it should work.

One last try? :slightly_smiling_face:

In the file ? Am I missing something ? :smile:

The report has to be activated in a file (= accounting file) :


So on office level (where all the templates are and can be modified and what not), that’s the place where you add a “handle”.
On file level (where the working period and working papers are, and where text templates for instances are added, and templates like taxes are) however, the report-template has to be in there (as screenshot above shows).

If the report doesn’t exists, then there’s no result-tag that exists. Which is why it won’t show up in your text-template.

may i reply on this one?

How can i link that code to a place i want to calculate with?
now i did this, but it doesn’t seem to work:

| {% t “Toekenning meewerkende echtgeno(o)t(e)” %} | {% input period.reports.kostenverg.perc_mw | currency %} | | {%=$10+ -1*echtgenoot | currency %} {% endifi %}{% assign bruto_winst = $10 %}

It’s better to create a new topic for each question @Joyce :slightly_smiling_face:

A result-tag is something that can’t be in an input-tag, unless you want the option to overwrite? You can just calculate with the result-tag, like period.reports.kostenverg.perc_mw*-1 for instance, or save it in a register like {%=$10+ -1*period.reports.kostenverg.perc_mw | currency %}.

Hope this clarifies it a bit, but your question was pretty general. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t hold back to create a new topic, with a clear example of which formula you wish to create (I couldn’t distract that from your example, sorry).