Result report in text


I made a report with handle "uitkeringstest”.

In this report, there are two formulas : “nettoactief” and “onbeschikbaar_eigen_vermogen”.

I created a text, in which I want to show the results of “nettoactief” and “onbeschikbaar_eigen_vermogen”.

I use :
{{ period.reports.uitkeringstest.results.nettoactief | currency }} EUR
{{ period.reports.uitkeringstest.results.onbeschikbaar_eigen_vermogen | currency }} EUR

The result in my text gives me 0,00 EUR. Why?

Thank you!

Hi Ellen

Based on the code & handle you’ve shared here, this should work.

The only thing I think could be giving the issue is if the report is not added in the file you’re requesting the result or ‘nettoactief’ was not added as a tag inside your formula:

If the problem persists, feel free to share more about how you’re building the formula in your report so I can look further.

Kind regards

Nettoactief was added as a tag :
Silverfin 1

What do you mean by “the report is not added in the file you’re requesting the result”?
Can you explain please?

Thank you

Under the ‘Reports’ section for a file, the report in which you’re calculating the nettoactief needs to exist.

For example, if you have a formula in the report ‘Internal balance sheet’, you’ll only be able to access the value of this formula as a result if the report exists in this overview:

Any chance to share the template?