Making a link to "beroepskosten"


i would like to show the net result from "beroepskosten in another template. I already find on this community you can do this by filling in the handle so i did. I named it “Beroepskostentest” and then i used this code to show the result but it doesn’t work.

{{ period.reconciliations.Beroepskostentest.results.omzet | currency }}

This is the written code in “Beroepskosten” that i need in another template:

| Nettoresultaat | {{ $10 | currency }}

Can you help me wit this?


Hi @Matthijs,

Of course :relaxed:

Seems to me you forgot to add a result-tag in your template, which make it accessible in other templates.

So you could do this instead:

Nettoresultaat | {{ $10 | currency }} {% results "omzet" $10 %}

and only then will you be able to refer to it in another template as period.reconciliations.Beroepskostentest.results.omzet

Care to give it a go?

More info on result tags here