Info from text template in report

I like to use input from a text template in a report. Would that be possible?

e.g. Input field: “custom.period.vat.percentage” (in a text template, could be for instance “Bedrijfsparameters”)

I would like to use this value in a report to do some calculation.



You need the use the tag Then you can use it everywhere.

How should I use this in a report? I know I can use this in another text template, but I don’t see how I could use this in a report…


You can use in the tag {{ }} in ‘beschrijving’ in a report.

Ok, but I want to do some calculated with that, so I want to use it in a formula…

Not sure if this works. @sven @Sam?

Morning @Warde, @Thijs,

In a report you will only be able to add a result tag by adding a formula, like this :

So you’ll always have to add your input-field to a result tag, but that’s only for reconciliation and report templates possible (because those templates are the only ones who have a handle).

A text template doesn’t have a handle, and therefor, can’t be linked at in a report.

But maybe it’s something we have to take into consideration.

What kind of calculation you want to do @Warde? And why is a text template used instead of a reconciliation template, if I may ask?

Thanks Sven.

I was thinking of some general parameters to be added to the text template “bedrijfsparameters”, like average VAT-percentage applicable for clients. This could then be used for the calculation of days of clients outstanding in the financial report. But I can imagine other situations might occur where such general company parameters can be used in a report, although I have none for the moment (except for those VAT clients & suppliers).


I’ll discuss this with @Tim to see if this might be something we could or should do.

Ok thanks Sven!

For your info: I have now solved the VAT-issue by using a dataline in the report (the disadvantage is that I need to put in 5 times a VAT-percentage in my 5-year report, but it works well).

So there is no urgency for this, but I still considered it usefull to have this possibility.


Definitely @Warde, we think so too.

glad you’ve found a workaround that works for you!

Hey Sven,

I am using this handle now (yet, for the first time…), and I don’t succeed to put in a ref from a report in another report or a reconciliation. It only worked when I referred to a reconciliation.

So: this works: reconciliations.test1.results.omzet
This did not work: reports.test2.results.omzet

(in both cases: test1 & test2 where the handles I used in resp the reconc & the report).

Nevertheless, I understood it should work for referring to reports as well… Can you please confirm? If possible so, could you clarify then how I should use it?



Hello @Warde,

I don’t think you do something wrong here, but that the reports don’t support formulas that link to another formula of a different report for now…

I could ask why you want to do this, but I guess you don’t want to rebuild that certain group in another report from scratch?

I’m afraid I’ll need to investigate why this functionality is not present here @Warde; I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hey Sven, tx, but it is something I can’t resolve in another way… I have a report where I need equity (sum of 10-15) at the end of the year as well as in the beginning. I thought I could have this by taking the YTD of 10-15 from one report and the RYTD from another report, but as I explained, this did not work…

You can’t link with the handles between reports for now @Warde. (I’ll get back to that asap)

Either you rebuild the formula from report A in report B from scratch
You could also link to a reconciliation template where that formula is being generated.

Can this help you for now? If not, let us know ofc.

Hey Sven, I now succeeded to combine YTD info & RYTD info by referring to a reconciliation. After all, the solution was not so difficult, although it took me a while to fine a good one (since I do not want to show this value in my reconcilition). Thanks to the possibility of working with registers;-)!
Yet, I would still appreciate the possibility of referring to a value in a report or a in text template.

Fully noted @Warde , same here :wink: