What to show if the answer is 0,00

I’ve been searching but it seems that I can’t find the answer I need.
We added some reconsiliation templates for our “eenmanszaken”.
For example we made one for each “cost” (64, 65, 66).
At the moment, if there are no 65-accounts, this template will not be shown.
We would like the words “Nihil.” to be shown, instead of not showing this template at all.
I hope it is clear, it’s not so easy to explain it in English :blush:

Hello @Fiduciaire.Eulaers,

Do you mean you want ‘nihil’ to be shown in the export?

Yes, I would like the title & under the titel I would like the word “Nihil.”
(if there is nothing to show)

It depends what variable is being used as the parameter for being nil, but you could use something like :

{% if custom.something == blank %} nihil {% else %} the rest of the code that shows not a nihil-value {% endif %}

It could help that you paste your code of the reconciliation template.

{% capture table %}
{% if custom.detail.accounts == blank %}{% assign account_range = '74' %}{% else %}{% assign account_range = custom.detail.accounts %}{% endif %}

| ANDERE BEDRIJFSOPBRENGSTEN {% input custom.detail.accounts as:account_collection range:6,7 default:account_range %} | Bedrag {% assign accounts = period.accounts | range:account_range %}
|---------------------|-------15%-------:+{% for account in accounts %}
|{% if forloop.last %}_{% endif %}{{ account.name }}{% if forloop.last %}_{% endif %}|{% if forloop.last %}_{% endif %}{%=$0+ -1*account.value %}{% if forloop.last %}_{% endif %}|{% endfor %}

|                    | **{{ $0 | currency }}** 
{% endcapture %}

{% if custom.detail.goederen == blank %}{% assign goederen_range = '64'%}{% else %}{% assign goederen_range = custom.detail.goederen %}{% endif %}
{% assign goederen = period.accounts | range:goederen_range %}

{{ table }}

Do you know how to solve this?

Did you already had a chance to look at this?

Hello @Fiduciaire.Eulaers,

Not sure how we missed this topic as well; I’ll be sure to look into it why this has happened…

Anyway, if you have this code :

{% assign accounts = period.accounts | range:account_range %}

your accounts will automatically be filtered on accounts that have an total value.

If you want the accounts with end value zero as well, you can add ‘include_zeros’ to the drop period.accounts :

{% assign accounts = period.accounts.include_zeros | range:account_range %}

No accounts will be filtered.

Is this what you are looking for? Or do you want to display a text too if the account has zero value ?