Account drop bug?

I’ve found something weird while using the account drop. The sum that is printed does not equal the sum of the post that is visible after I click. It seems that the range used for calculating the value is case sensitive, while the accounts shown after clicking the link are not.

This is what is shown in my balance sheet:

So as you can see the value for rage “BSchCre” is -1000, but when I click on this value, Silverfin return this:

It’s barely noticeable, but the lower value is with a lower case S after the starting B in the account code.

Ideally the value shown would in fact be -11.000. So how can I make sure the printed value also contains values within, without it being case sensitive?


Thanks for flagging this. We will need to do an internal technical check on this, I will keep you posted on that.

Also for other reasons it is good to take case-sensitivity of the RGS codes into account in the mapping phase.


Maybe you already noted this, but the issue has been resolved by the core engineers. That means, the accounts drop modal is now excluding amounts as well when there is no case-sensitive match with the range which is applied to the accounts drop, which means that the accounts shown in the modal always add up to the total amount.

I was also informed that it is not possible to make liquid case-insensitive, therefore ranges should always have lower- or upper- casing corresponding to the accounts you are trying to pick up.

Let’s keep in touch in case you have more questions on this.

I was kind off hoping it would be the other way around, but that is okay :wink:

Thanks for following up on this!