[Account template] Insurances


I did not find in the basic models a model for insurance accounts.

Apparently, the procedure for development applications is to ask these questions directly here.

Currently, our account templates for insurance account on Excel are pretty much like this:

Is that something the development team could develop for the community?

In my opinion this is a fairly common account model.

I acquired some knowledge in Liquid / Markdown for the needs of SilverFin but I think you’d be more effective than me.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Yhl,

Sorry I couldn’t give an answer earlier.

Because this is more of a general request we’ve heard from others as well, we decided to build a template like this, which could give a detail like you shown above.

This is planned for the near future; I suspect a delivery of this template in our template collection in 1-2 weeks.

Hello @Yhl,

This is the first time that we will create a template, based on feedback through this community.

I’ve made already a concept :

Is this something you’re looking for? This is an account template (so to make details based on a single account).

As soon as I have some feedback, I’ll look at it with @Pieterjan to see how the final template will be and when it will be available

Thanks in advance


Did you have the chance to check this out?

Thanks for your feedback


Thank you for your work, it’s pretty much like what we are looking for.

Maybe you can add a 4th column in the right for the deferred charges ? (after “Berdrag”)

In that case we could separate the amounts that are charged for the period of those in deferred charges (490).

For example, if i’ve an insurance for the period 01/07/2017 to 30/06/2018, i can postpone 6/12 of the amount to the next period.

The account total should be the difference between the amount paid and the deferred charges.

Do not hesitate if you need further feedbacks.


Do you have by any chance an excel where I can look at?
I know what you mean, but just to be sure (for lay-out and such).

Thanks in advance

Hi sven,

Please find attached an example of what i mean.

The last column is for deferred charges. It is an automatic calculation for the deferred amount. I think in SilverFin we should be able to modify this manually because some would prefer to do it by day, month, 15d, quarter, semester or nothing.
It’s the way I see this model, I think there are many others way to do it.

Still do not hesitate if you need further feedbacks.


Hi @Yhl,

Thank you very much for it. Seems a good example to work on…

When completed or updated, I’ll let you know.

Hi Sven,

Do you know when this template would be realesed ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Yhl,

We can’t give a specific timing for this because it has to be reviewed (when finished) by our Product Manager… But I think it will be for around November to be honest.

Pardon us for the long wait so far… But will keep you posted when we have a better view for it.

Hi Sven,

Has this template been completed and released? I was looking in our template-library but couldn’t find one specific for insurances?


Hi Bart

this template is not released.
In order to do so, we would like some more details about the functionallity (eg. does it has to be an account template, a reconciliations, …). Also, an example will help us further. This way, we can examine the request thoroughly.

Kind regards

Hi Sofie,

I think you have everythings below, i already sent an example and i explain every things that i need.

It should be an account template (single account).

Maybe you can release it for my organisation and so i ll give you some feeds back.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bart and @Yhl

we have noted all the details down as a request. We’ll keep you posted.

Kind regards

Hi Sofie,

As you could have noticed in the history of this topic, it seems Sven already has a working concept.

This was a template without deffered charges. Although, it isn’t that important to me, but to others it seems important. Maybe you can alter Svens’ existing concept.

Good evening @bverbeeck and @Yhl,

Just FYI: similar templates are available now on the marketplace.

If interested, you can ask for a activation of a demo within your environment (you can do that through here).


Hi all,

Is there any update regarding this insurance template?

Hello @Bavovs,

There sure is: [Account template] Insurances

So if you interested, let me know through the contact form :blush:


Thx Finify

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