Account with 0 value should still be uploaded/created in Silverfin

Hi Community,

As I understand it, accounts with the value 0 is not imported into Silverfin. I looked at the original TB and compared to the accounts in the applicable customer and saw that none of the accounts with 0 is included in the mapping.

How can I add an account with 0 in it? I need to have it to make a comment related to it.

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Hi Emmy,

You can create a new account in the client’s main working screen like this:

  • Accounts > New account:

  • Fill out the fields and click “Create Account” on the top right:

You should then be able to see that account in your workflow with a zero value:


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If I’m correct all accounts on which transactions were recorded in the past (even if the value of the account is zero) are imported. Even this causes a lot of frustrations with our users. It forces them to map accounts that are no longer used. Also seeing 0 values frustrates a lot of people. In some files it makes the working screen way to long. They have the opion that the clutter (0-accounts) make the working screen confusing. Best way to solve this is making importing/viewing accounts with a zero value option / a selection.

Hi Nath,

Many thanks for your input. I can truly see where you are coming from reg. having a lot of 0 values.

The best solution would indeed be to have the option, to make it work for the different files.


Any progress on this?

Hi @Nath

there’s no update on this since this concerns a Silverfin platform feature.
If you’re running into issues regarding this topic and can share some examples or even suggestions on how we can improve this, you can definitely pass those along to your CSM to launch this is a feature request.

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