Add new filter to Insights from custom Reconciliation template


I am trying to add a new filter in Insights from one of our custom templates.
I want the new filter to display the person who ticked the checkbox.

{% stripnewlines %}

| CM review
| Review completed
| {% input custom.itemCM.check.1_1 as:boolean %}| {% rollforward nil custom.itemCM.check.1_1 %}
| {{ }}
| {{ custom.itemCM.check.1_1.updated_at | localized_date:"%d/%m/%Y %H:%M" }}
|{% newline %}
{% endstripnewlines %}

Could you please advise on how I can add "" as a filter to Insights ? 

Thank you, 


Thank you for your question.

Currently, in insights we cannot filter by custom type variables.
To add filter for custom.itemCM.check.1_1.updated_at in insights, result should be created.

Please add result tag to your template code:

{% result 'check_1_1_updated_by_name' %}

Information how to use insights: How to use insights - Silverfin Help ENG

Section: “Reconciliation data” → select your template → select / or manually add your result check_1_1_updated_by_name

Please let me know if this works.