API Latest Changes

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  • When a PermanentDocument is of type PermanentMail, it will now have an extra attribute “attachments” which include the attachments added to this email, as an array of objects with “file_name” and “download_url” attributes.
  • To Company we added the “accountancy_synchronisation_entity_id” and “administration_synchronisation_entity_id” attributes.


  • New endpoint /companies/:company_id/account/:account_id: Return data about a single Account
  • Permanent folders now have a new attribute visibility which could be set to private or public. This refers to visibility of the folder to the customer. If it is set to private the customer won’t be able to see this folder.


  • Add attribute administration_synchronisation_entity_id to Companies so you can view and edit it


  • Add attribute created_at to Remarks
  • New endpoint /companies/:company_id/remarks/:remark_id/comments to retrieve all comments on a single remark


  • New endpoint /v3/companies/:company_id/permanent_mail/:permanent_mail_id - move a PermanentMail to a different folder


  • Add attribute created_at to Companies, Users and Groups API entities
  • Add attribute created_by to Documents and PermanentEntries

v3.0.9 (06/02/2018)

  • Add support for async permanent document upload

v3.0.10 (23/02/2018)

  • New endpoint GET /v3/companies/:company_id/users to get all uses that has access to a company
  • New endpoint POST /v3/companies/:company_id/users to grant access for a user to a company
  • New endpoint DELETE /v3/companies/:company_id/users/:user_id remove access to a company for a specific user
  • New endpoint POST /v3/users/:user_id to update a user, change the name, locale and make the user a contributor.
  • Added locale as optional param when creating a user

v3.0.11 (23/03/2018)

  • Fixed user creation bug that prevented from creating contributor. This now properly works in both v2 and v3.

v3.0.13 (23/03/2018)

  • Added webhooks on remarks and comments, so you can listen on create/update/destroy and synchronise communication in an external application with Silverfin.

v3.0.16 (25/06/2018)

  • New endpoint GET /v3/companies/{company_id}/permanent_documents/{permanent_document_id} #5068

v3.0.18 (26/09/2018)

Fixes to GET /v3/companies/:company_id/periods/:ledger_id/permanent_texts/:permanent_text_id/custom

  • PermanentText’s values are not linked to ledgers, disregarding ledger_id now to return the correct result here
  • The result of this call would have been always empty

v3.0.33 (06/06/2019)

Deprecate contributor parameter in POST /v3/users/:user_id. It is no more possible to change a user from staff to external and vice versa.

We missed version 3.0.31 (11/02/2019)

The attribute country has been added to GET /v3/companies

v3.0.35 (17/07/2019)

Added sso_connection_id as an optional parameter when creating a user.

v3.0.36 (09/08/2019)

  • Added permanent_folder_id as optional param to scope permanent_texts in that folder. Use 0 to view the texts in the root folder.

v3.0.37 (06/09/2019)

  • Allows to update the account name in all the available languages.

v3.0.39 (28/10/2019)

  • Added /companies/:company_id/periods/public to mark periods as public for external users. Requires a valid date that matches an existing period end date.