API Version V2/V3

Silverfin currently has two api versions:

V2. A version based solely on an API key
This version is deprecated, we discourage any new development on this API, and we don’t handout any more API keys for this one. If you’re still looking for the documentation of this API, you can find it here: https://api.getsilverfin.com/api_docs, but you’ll have to replace the url field to “https://api.getsilverfin.com/api/v2/api_doc

V3. An OAuth based API
This API is where all current development happens. It supports webhooks and permissions scopes.
We actively provide application_ids and application_secrets for this API, and ff you see functionality missing from this API, we’re happy to check it out and plan additional functionality.
The documentation for this API can be found here https://api.getsilverfin.com/api_docs