Deprecating TLS 1.0 & TLS 1.1 on 24/09/2018

For security reasons we’re dropping support for all TLS versions before v1.2. This change will happen on September 24, 2018. From that date forward we will only support TLS v1.2 and up.

To ensure continuous operation of your apps beyond this date it is recommended that you check if your Silverfin API client supports TLS v1.2, and if necessary make the required adjustments.

To be able to test out if your client is already TLS 1.2-proof, we have set up a copy of our API that already reflects the protocol changes that will be made. This copy is just a proxy in front of the production endpoint and any calls made to it will be executed in the production environment.

This proxy lives at Testing it out is as easy as changing into for all the endpoints that you’re calling. If your application works on, then it should also function fine after September 24.

In case you are unable to change the domain in your API client, you can also just redefine to point to in your local hosts-file for the same effect.

The endpoint and IP address will disappear after September 24.