API and Sandbox periods

We use Sandbox to develop an integration w/ Silverfin. A few questions:

  • Our sandbox only refreshes to upto period 2015-09. Are we doing something wrong or is this a hard setting?

  • We use the get-request for financials which requires a period-id. This is a numerical value that can be obtained from the periods-call. Is there a logic we can use to determine the period-id related to a calendar period (to avoid the periods-call). Such as: period_id 49 == 2015/01

Or alternatively - is it possible to create the financials call with a period-parameter rather than a period_id parameter (the first option is the more common option in our experience).

Hi @JorisJoppe,

  • Are you sure there’s more data available in your test environment? This is not a hard setting and should synchronize as much data as there is available
  • We’re working with a period_id right now because periods can also be archived/deleted and be replaced by a new period for the exact same end date. You can’t extrapolate anything from the id.

I’ll have a look if there’s something we could add here, but this will probably not be for the near future. I would advise to just fetch all periods currently and make some internal hash to find the id you’re looking for.

btw, in the last week we’ve added a parameter bot_name to the remarks api, so you can make it explicit that the remark was posted by a bot iso the owner of the access token.

thanks @Tim

Data in EOL (division code 171930) runs upto jan-2017 (at least one entry in that period).

As for period_id: this is a bit of problem in the way our process is built but lets see on our end if we can build something for this (might not be in place before Tuesday but it will still work).

We will see if we can implement bot_name

Hi @JorisJoppe you were connected with the wrong demo file (other division code), I modified it in your sandbox.

Can I help you think along to how you could currently fix this?

(the bot_name is just adding it as a parameter, should be straightforward :slight_smile:)