Change Period > Data Lost?


When we modify the actual period (example from ‘1/1/2019 - 29/12/2019’ to ‘1/1/2019 - 27/12/2019’) the data in the file is not accessible anymore unless we change back the period to the original date.


  • Can we re-use the available data in the changed period (meaning recovering the data from 29/12 to 27/12)

As we noticed that the roll-forward does not copy all data (for example data in disallowed expenses, corporate income tax workflow, … )

Dear @Abo,

Can you send this request via mail to

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Hi @Abo,

Just some additional info: changing the book years, could indeed cause this, but wanted to clear this out that we (support Silverfin) can transfer the data (attached to the old period) to the new period.

It can’t be that data all of a sudden is gone and couldn’t be taken back in case of such case; just wanted to clear that out for all Community users reading this :slightly_smiling_face: