Using .period in reconciliations

Hi all,

We have adapted a lot of the Silverfin meeting minutes to suite our needs as documents. They all use the .period variables to store data. We now want to switch from documents to reconciliations. From what I understood it was not good practice to use the .period in a reconciliation to “copy data”. As those are meeting minutes, we normally don’t have any data to copy to an other period. I also understood (but please correct me if I’m wrong) that using the .period was not necessary in reconciliations because all the data is automatically linked to the period.

What I wanted to know if is there was any problem if we used our old code with .period variables that we used as documents and copy/pasted them as reconciliations. Except the fact that we cannot carry on data to a next period, will there be any issue? It would avoid us having A LOT of work changing all the variables. It seems to work correctly but I’d prefer having confirmation.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Gianluca ,

You’re right in this. Period dependent variables will indeed not be copied to the next period. Also keep in mind that simply removing the .period is not a solution to solve this as this might break connections with admin syncs.

Another difference is that all ‘normal’ custom variables in the recon will be copied to the next period while this is not the case for documents.

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