Sync archive to Pulse


We are busy to make one way sync connection from DMS to Silverfin Pulse. It’s the wish to sync realtime a complete folder structure with their documents.

We know already we can add documents and delete documents with the Silverfin API.

To make the sync better it would be nice to have also the following possibilities:

  • Change name
  • Move file
  • Replace file (with new version) - which is important when this document was selected for an export or report in Silverfin.

Also It would be interesting to know if the user have removed a file. A webhook would be possible solution.

Are these things possible to do now?
Will they be available in the future?
Do you have already some experience in this kind of project?

Thank you for you help.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

Below you can find more information about your suggested possibilities:

  • Change name

If you want to change the name of a folder, there should be a method allowing you to do so:


This has two parameters you can pass along with this call ( name, visibility) which should allow you to rename the folder.

  • Move file

Unfortunately moving a file is currently not possible since our database keeps a couple identifiers.
However a workaround would be to destroy the file on the current location and create it anew on the new location:


I’ll have a talk with our developers to see if moving a file is something that can be looked at.

  • Replace file (with new version) - which is important when this document was selected for an export or report in Silverfin.

I believe the same methods as the previous question would apply here. In this case you’ll have to delete the current version and create it anew on the same location. I’m assuming that you’re looking at having one method doing this in one call?

Does this already provide you with a bit more information?
Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Hi Jelle

Thank you for your feedback.

I understand now that we can change the name of a folder, but it is also possible to change the name of the document?

Concerning ‘Replace file’ I think it is a must to have this possibility. In our DMS we have the possibility to have a version history of a document. We use the check-out check-in procedure.

I’m afraid that when a Silverfin user selects a PDF from the Pulse for a report or an export that when there is a new version it will not be linked anymore in Silverfin. It would good it there is new version in our DMS when can replace the document in Silverfin. In this way the document stays linked to the report or export.
Is this something which would be available in short time?



Hi Alan,

It’s a very valid point and I’ll make sure to discuss it with our developers.
Currently there’s no rename/replace on file level so I can agree that it would be nice to have these functionalities.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information about this.