Assign default fields on the Import reconcilation data popup

If we are on a ‘Working paper’ we have the possibility to chose ‘Actions’ next to the title ‘Reconciliation’. Here we have the option to ‘Import reconciliation data’.
I already know that the fields that are shown here are automaticly populated by the foreach code in the ledger template that you chose.
But how can I fill in a default value for the ‘Source Field’ (per row)? If you open the import popup the source field is default on ‘don’t use’ and we need to select the values each time that we open the screen, we would like to modify this behavior.

Is this possible? If so, where can we change this?
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Hi @Tsjelle,

Unfortunately, it is not possible right now to assign a default value for the ‘Source Field’ as you mention. It is set that way, with the “don’t use” as default, to confirm that each ‘reconciliation field’ is linked to the right ‘source field’.

Is this something you find yourself doing repetitively? Importing data from the same ledger to the same reconciliation?

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When we use the rekeningsjabloon ‘Standaard (6 kolommen)’ (a sjabloon that Silverfin made for us and that we use very often) we always use the same source field for each reconciliation field.
See picture below. We use the ‘Standaard (6 kommen)’ a lot so it would be very helpful if the source field is fixed in this case.