Can you check in a template in the configuration section if there is a mapping on the dossier?


I need the tag that holds the mapping file from the dossier params.

If there is a mapping then i can set the configuration properties otherwise that part of code can be skipped.

Anybody an idea where i can find that variable (with drop ?)

Hi @Katrien

Thank you for your question and apologies for the late reply!
Are you referring to a specific template?


No I need this for the configuration sections of all templates.

For example. If there is a mapping on a dossier, then I know the GL accounts by sure that must be chosen behind the #.

If there is no mapping than the # can not be populated in advanced because I do not know by sure the GL account that is used for the telephone costs for example.






Hi @Katrien

Apologies for the late reply.

Are you looking for this?
{% input custom.some.thing as:account_collection range:1__9 %}
This will add the full mapping on client level.

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No this is not what i need.

I want to know if there is a Mapping in the firm settings.

Hi @Katrien

Now that it’s become clear to me what you’re referring to, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you as the tag you’re looking for does not exist.
For our understanding, why is it that your templates aren’t generic and looking for one chart of accounts?

Best regards,

Hi @Katrien,

Sorry for the back-and-forth but we can make up for it (we hope :pray:).

It is possible to call upon which mapping is attached to the company file, by using it as this:

{{ company.account_mapping_list }}

Be watchful though on the naming of mappings and such (you might want to remove any upcase, spaces, … first).

Again, our apologies

Hi @Katrien,

We’ve added another thing you could use, and will be more helpful:

{{ }}

This will give a unique ID you can then use in your logic.


{% comment %}use variable for ID of mapping{% endcomment %}
{% assign id_mapping = %}

{% comment %}use any logic with it{% endcomment %}
{% if id_mapping == 6585 %}
  Correct mapping is used
{% else %}
  Incorrect mapping is used
{% endif %} 

Let us know if this helps you further in your case or not :blush: