Case: Configuration categories professional expenses 2.0 (Beroepskosten 2.0)

Silverfin provides 5 standard cost categories in the template Professional expenses 2.0


It’s fairly easy to provide new categories to this template. This is possible at office level by clicking template and choosing professional expenses 2.0. There you will find following configuration screen.


When entering following code

{% assign cost_categories_string = "Expense 1|Expense 2|Expense 3" %}

en press save we get following result:

This way you can enter your own categories. There’s no limit on the amount of categories you can add.

Attention: It’s important that the variabele is called cost_categories_string and that the categories are divided by a pipe |

we have followed the instructions regarding the professional expenses 2.0.
We don’t see the changes. Do we have to wait 24h before we see the changes?
thank you.

Hi Kelly

This should work right away.
Can you show me the variable you have made?
Maybe there’s a tiny error in it.

Kind regards


hereby I provide you with a detail of the changes we have made.


I only see BEHEERSKOSTEN in detail. I cannot find the other categories.

thank you

You put a quote too many just after BEHEERSKOSTEN.

Following code will solve it:


Kind regards

ok that problem is solved.
the following is that We can not see the accounts in the sheet of professional expenses.
do you need a print screen?
we want to fill in the sheet of the professional expenses but we don’t see the accounts that belong to the different groups.
thank you

Hi Kelly

This seems to be a bug. Thanks for detecting and reporting it
We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible and let you know when it is fixed.

Kind regards


The issue should be fixed

Kind regards