CASE: create segment with checkbox

In Silverfin Insights, there’s a segment in which you can create based upon whether a check has been ticked off or not (Yes/No).
Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 17.18.54

In order to accomplish this segment, you need to create a result in the related reconciliation that has the value true or false.
Because a boolean is by default blank, do make sure to follow this kind of logic:

{% input custom.reviewed.check as:boolean %} {% t "Has this been reviewed?" %}

{% comment %}
create result for SF Insights
{% endcomment %}
{% assign reviewed = custom.reviewed.check | default:false %}
{% result 'reviewed' reviewed %}

Mind we assign the variable to the real value of custom.reviewed.check or to false in case the database variable is empty (blank).

A boolean can have 3 values on our database: true, false or blank. But from a user perspective, it’s always two. Therefor, make sure to assign it to false when it’s blank, so Silverfin Insights can pick this value (as it searches for Y/N values) :point_up:

I’ve tried to implement this, however it doesn’t update the workflow review:

Can you advise where I’m going wrong?