Name a Boolean variable for use with client insights

I want to give users the option to tick boolean variables in the insights template, to display which of our departments are working with a client (e.g. Tax, Accounts)
I want to be able to report on this results within the “Clients” section, so I can see a list of clients we work for in Tax for example. Will this work?

{% input as:boolean %} Tax {% result ‘business_unit_Tax’ %}


Hi @faybordbar,

Thank you for posting your question here :slight_smile: .

I’m not sure what ‘the’ Insights template is you are referring to and also what you mean with ‘the clients section’, but based on my understanding, the suggested approach should work fine.

Should you however encounter any issues, do not hesitate to reach out. In that case, be sure to provide (a part of) the code or print screens so we can look into this in more detail.


Kind regards,