CASE creating export file: export all used accounts to XLS

If we want to export all used accounts and their mapped info (name and number), even if there are no bookings on them, to Excel f.i., we can create an export-file on firm level. This acts as a template, where you can access all data in Silverfin through STL.

When creating the export file, you can give it a random name, but most importantly, give it a file name where the extension can be defined:

In above example the object {{ }} will even be used as a name of the file!

To export all the needed data (f.i. if we want a list of all accounts, mapped accounts and their respective data), we just need to use double quotes for each object we want and separate them with an ;-sign: that way, when opening the file in MS Excel f.i., each object will be a separate column:

{% stripnewlines %}
"Account_nbr";"Account_mapped_nbr";"Account name";"Account mapped name"
{% for acc in period.accounts.include_zeros %}
{% newline %}
"{{ acc.number }}";"{{ acc.original_number }}";"{{ }}";"{{ acc.original_name }}"
{% endfor %}
{% endstripnewlines %}

Now you can use this export file in the working papers under the option Download data, which overviews all possible export files and custom export files that can be made:

All known formats can be used this way: xml; csv, xls or even xbrl!

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