Multiple Reconciliations Download into one excel file (in Multiple Worksheet)

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Is there a way to export/download the data from the multiple reconciliations into one excel file (each reconciliation in one worksheet in the excel file).

Perhaps, we have created few custom reconciliations, and we are checking whether we can export/download it also into an excel file.

Please let me know if something is not clear and need more information.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nikhil,

I understand you want to export data from multiple custom reconciliations in one excel file. To achieve this you can create a custom export file containing the data from multiple reconciliations.

Have a look at this case on creating an export file of all used accounts:

You can use liquid in your export file to fetch data from your custom reconciliations.

Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.

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Thanks for the Reply!

Further to the above, Is there a way in the Export file (liquid coding) to place each reconciliation data in each worksheet in the excel? In the sense, (snip below)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nikhil,

Unfortunately that is currently not possible with the export file. You would have to export the reconciliation data per worksheet individually and then combine them after manually or using the Silverfin API and a script.

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