CASE: how to force a recon template into landscape

If you want to force a reconciliation template into landscape orientation (instead of portrait), you can add this code into the recon template that will force this :

{% changeorientation "landscape" %} 

In the past we went to landscape if we saw more than 7 tables, but now you can decide it for a recon template yourself, if needed!

However, this piece of coding needs to be set separately outside stripnewlines (so never use it within stripnewlines). And perhaps follow up with an empty line as well.

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Hi Sven,

Is it also possible to specify which pages in the template need to be in portrait and which in landscape or is it always the entire template?


Hi @pmoreel,

this function triggers the whole recon template and there’s no option to influence a part of the recon template; sorry to disappoint!

Hi sven,

Is it possible that changeorientation does not work anymore? Even the fact that I have more than 8 columns, does not trigger landscape anymore. the code I used is the following:
{% changeorientation “landscape” %}

Thanks in advance,

Hmm, that’s wierd @pmoreel.

Could you post your whole code perhaps, so I can try it out? Because I’ve just tried it out, and it works for me.
And do you experience it in every export-bundle?