CASE: how to use handles

In order to link to certain results (by a result-tag) from reconciliation templates, you can give certain handles to a reconciliation template:


This is done on office level and can be given any name.

But …

When using handles in all kinds of reconciliation templates, it’s better to make each handle unique!

If 2 different reconciliation templates have the same handle and the same result in it (for instant the total of the whole reconciliation template), which result will Silverfin then take?


It is important to note that Silverfin won’t take both results, but Silverfin will take the result of the reconciliation template that was last added ! Even if you update an input-field in the other template, it still will take the last one added!


Even if you want to use 2 templates with the same handle, you have to take this into consideration. It can cause for issues when an user is updating template A, when template B was also added and is in fact the one that Silverfin will take into account!
Making handles unique for each individuel reconciliation template will prevent such situations.