CASE: type of company file

Ever needed to call upon what kind of company file one is working in?

Well, that’s finally possible now by calling upon:

{{ company.company_type }}

which will result in either of these values:

  • regular: a normal company file
  • analytical: an analytical file, so holds information of certain dimensions
  • consolidation: actually the same as an analytical file (so also works with dimensions), but can bring data from other companies together
  • small: a specific file that can hold up to only 2 reconciliations, and in which the period frequency is limited to only yearly.

Knowing this, you could create some additional logic needing to know if a company is a small business self-employed, or a regular business:

{% comment %}
Check if the company is a self-employed business or not
{% endcomment %}
{% case company.company_type %}
  {% when "small" %}
    {% assign self_employed = true %}
  {% else %}
    {% assign self_employed = false %}
{% endcase %}